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Juliette Pretot

Creative, ambitious, and enterprising software engineer. I primarily focus on modern JavaScript, its ecosystem, and Node.js.


  • JavaScript, GraphQL, Node.js, React
  • Web Performance Optimization
  • Functional Programming
  • UX-Design
  • Mentoring, Agile Methodology


Frontend Engineer at N26, Jan 2018 - now

Isomorphic React, GraphQL, & Node.js for a banking app used by more than one million people. N26 is a fintech unicorn with offices in Berlin, NYC & Barcelona.

  • Multiplied developer productivity by spearheading a component-based design system
  • Reduced complexity by engineering simple, standardized abstractions for data-flow, animations and color-logic
  • Improved time-to-interactive by one second through component-level code splitting
  • Reduced time-to-first-meaningful-paint by 20% through replacing sprites with improved server-side rendering
  • Doubled the speed of font loading using Unicode-range-splitting and preloading
  • Strong accessibility focus, built 100% screenreader compatible UI
  • Agile & cross-functional, pair programming

Lead Engineer and Co-Founder at Language Academy 2016 - 18

Build-time rendered React, HTML, CSS for a language learning platform.

  • Bootstrapped a profitable business as a founder
  • Architected the company’s web workflow
  • Achieved a 63% faster time-to-interactive compared to competitors
  • Reduced email automation cost by 82% using open-source software
  • Built a web-based chatbot that evaluated a user’s language level
  • Built & designed conversion oriented web pages, achieving a 10% visitor to email-subscriber rate
  • Agile & cross-functional structure

Web Developer & Design Researcher at Clue, 2015 - 2016

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, & Heroku for a health tracking app used by more than five million people.

  • Rebuilt the support website, increasing page views by an average of +20%
  • Built in-app surveys & A/B tests using web technologies
  • Prototyped a chatbot in Python
  • Conducted design research (User interviews, competitor/comparator reviews, A/B tests)
  • Developed and implemented company-wide processes for design research
  • Agile & cross-functional structure


Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies

  • Member of a global program that recognizes individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more Google technologies.


Google Developer Challenge Scholarship: Mobile Web Specialist

  • One of 1000 scholars selected by Google
  • Offline enabled JavaScript apps using service-workers, ES6

Law School at Humboldt University Berlin

  • Academic processes, theories & principles of law
  • Studied the intersection of law & technology

High School

  • Fast-tracked curriculum for high-achieving students. Graduated two years younger than the national average

Related Projects

  • co-commit: A Node.js tool to co-author commits on GitHub when pair programming. Seen on the front page of Product Hunt.
  • Clue Connect: An article about the design process behind Clue’s sharing feature.
  • N26 Dark Mode: An article about the engineering and design behind N26’s new dark mode.
  • A React based web app which translates the time of an event into the visitor’s local time. Seen on the front pages of Web Designer News, Product Hunt.
  • Lucy VSCode theme: A VSCode theme & theme generator. Built with Node.js, 150k+ installs.
  • Tweet 280: A bookmarklet hack to tweet using longer tweets before Twitter rolled out the feature. Seen in TechCrunch, Mashable, How To Geek