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Juliette Pretot


  • JavaScript, Node.Js
  • React, Redux, GraphQL, Express, Styled Components
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Agile Methodology


Frontend Engineer at N26, Jan 2018 - now

Building N26’s web app from the ground up.


  • JavaScript, NodeJs

    • React, GraphQL, Express, Redux, Styled Components using Fela, ES6
    • Fully server side rendered setup
  • Building developer tooling for colors, animations, loading states


  • Designing in the browser
  • UX work in collaboration with designers
  • Strong accessibility focus


  • Pair programming
  • Strong agile setup

Frontend Engineer at Language Academy 2016 - 18


  • React, GatsbyJs, Firebase, SASS
  • Browser based Chatbot called Amelie
  • Set up low cost CRM & marketing automation


  • Bootstrapped a sustainable business
  • Architected the company’s web workflow.

Product & Research:

  • Qualitative & quantitative design research
  • Sales page design, achieving up to 10% visitor to email subscriber conversion
  • Designed & maintained templates for video & images

Design Researcher & Web Developer at Clue, 2015 - 2016


  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS:

    • Built & designed the support website
    • Developed in app surveys using web technologies
  • Python + Heroku for a chatbot prototype
  • Photoshop, Localytics

Research & Analysis:

  • Identified & executed research needs for projects
  • Qualitative research (User interviews, competitor/comparator reviews)
  • Quantitative research (A/B tests, in-app surveys, beta users)
  • Market Research with in collaboration with the CPO


  • Designed, built & iterated interactive prototypes
  • My redesigned support website increased pageviews by +20%
  • Conducted interviews with all founders for a competitive review of the company


  • Devised and implemented company-wide processes:

    • collecting user feedback
    • utilizing support & their database as a research tool
  • Agile team set up


Google Scholarship: Mobile Web Specialist, 2017 – 2018

  • One of 1000 scholars selected by Google.
  • Focus: offline enabled JavaScript apps using, service-workers, ES6

Law School at Humboldt University Berlin

  • Academic processes, theories & principles of law
  • Intersection of law & technology.

High School

  • Fast tracked curriculum for high-achieving students. Graduated two years younger than the national average.

Selected Side Projects