Curated Culture I


Graffiti — The Dumb and the Dangerous

Nikon Kwantu on his tenure as a graffiti writer.

Einstein’s Camera

MATTER on how one renegade photographer is hacking the concept of time.

Steve Jobs Danced To My Song

Jonathan Mann traces the lines that led him from unemployment to entertaining Steve Jobs.



I’ve been following rising musician BANKS throughout 2013. Mickey Woods describes her style as “an oddly harmonious contrast of warm, catchy vocals set to tense, nearly industrial-sounding electronica.”


Curtis Harding

His new single "Keep on Shining" is crisp soul you’ll want to play over and over.


43,000 Feet

A Short Film by Campbell Hooper to advise those who will one day find themselves in the position of trying to survive falling from a great height.


Curated Culture is a reoccurring collection of noteworthy reads, music and films from across the internet.



-  Header image by  Adam Magyar (Einsteins's Camera) -

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