Juliette Pretot

Creative, ambitious, and enterprising software engineer. β€” I strive in teams with strong engineering cultures and meaningful cross-functional collaboration.



Teleportation Engineer at Google, 2020.04 - present, London

Working on a research project enabling meaningful control of data in distributed systems.

Senior Web Engineer at N26, 2018.01 - 2020.03, Berlin & New York City

Isomorphic React, GraphQL, & Node.js powering the webapp of a challenger bank with 5M users.

  • Led web development of key features
  • Reduced errors in prod by 30% via deterministic script loading
  • Sped up time-to-first-meaningful-paint by 20% via improved server-side rendering
  • Improved time-to-interactive by 1.4s with code splitting
  • Doubled font loading speed via range-splitting & preloading
  • Multiplied developer productivity by engineering key abstractions
  • Mentored junior & mid-level engineers, conducted interviews, took charge of team processes

Lead Engineer at Language Academy, 2016.08 - 2017.12, Berlin

Build-time rendered React for a language learning platform.

  • Created and led development of the web platform
  • Accomplished a 10% visitor-to-subscriber rate on marketing pages
  • Achieved a 63% faster time-to-interactive than competitors
  • Reduced email automation costs by 82% using open source software
  • Co-founded the company, brought it to profitability

Web Developer & Design Researcher at Clue, 2015 - 2016, Berlin

JavaScript & Python for a health tracking app with 5M users.

  • Engineered in-app modals using web technologies
  • Prototyped a chatbot in Python
  • Rebuilt the support website, increasing page views by +20%
  • Created & executed company-wide processes for user research


  • Law School at Humboldt University Berlin, 2013 - 2016


  • Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies, 2019 - 2020 (after which I joined Google)

Personal Projects

  • agnostic-axe: Developer tool that reports accessibility issues to the browser console. (Now maintained by Deque Systems)
  • co-commit: A Node.js tool to co-author commits on GitHub when pair programming. Featured on the front page of Product Hunt.