OCTOBER 2015 - AUGUST 2016

Clue is a menstrual cycle tracking app that helps users learn more about their body.


  • Made research/projects more agile by
    • devising a process to rapidly collect user research leads through the support database.
    • creating a company-wide process for collecting user feedback through surveys and teaching them to the relevant colleagues.
    • training the support team to categorize tickets based on user feedback/demands.
  • Documented, categorized and visualized the working process of one of the company's major teams, named explorations team.
  • Worked with Support to create processes, define success metrics.

Research & Analysis:

  • Identified & satisfied research needs for projects
    • user interviews with a wide range of people
    • A/B tests
    • in-app surveys
    • surveyed beta users in collaboration with marketing
    • competitor/comparator reviews
  • Worked directly with the Chief Product Officer to investigate and evaluate opportunities for features based on user and business value.
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews of all founders as part of a comprehensive competitive analysis.


  • Worked on nearly all ongoing projects, across all stages of development
    • explored user interface solutions
    • built interactive prototypes
    • iterated prototypes with the team based on research
  • Redesigned/rebuilt the support FAQ website which increased impressions (+20%) and thereby reduced support load.


  • Javascript/HTML/CSS to code in-app surveys and the support website.
  • Analyzed the support database through tools such as Microsoft Access
  • Worked with python + Heroku to test a chatbot prototype
  • Set up a remote controlled Android phone as a solution to sending and receiving SMS remotely in South Africa since Twilio etc are not available in that market.
  • Photoshop, Marvel, Localytics, MailChimp