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Nice To Meet You! 

My name is Juliette Pretot. I’m a service designer with a passion for research & code. Also, dogs.



I am able to:
identify, investigate, and validate an opportunity, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship a solution for it.

  • User Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping + Testing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • React/JS + HTML/CSS
  • Learning: Node, Webpack, the JAMstack



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Envisioning the Future of File Systems

How tags & smart search could change the way we organize personal data.

Designated Design: Exposure

The photo album for the digital age?


Thank you for visiting. I am innovative, analytical and flexible. Being an entrepreneur, I am deeply invested in every step of the projects I'm working on. I love the challenges my work provides me with and consider each day as an opportunity to learn something new. I speak :us: + :de: + :fr:.



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