Opportunity Definition

Helping you sustain your meditation routine, while never getting in the way

The use of meditation as an exercise for mental performance is growing. Its benefits include improved quality of life and increased work performance.

Current meditation timers have a consistent set of weaknesses:

  • Spiritually focused
  • Lack of contemporary aesthetic design
  • Distracting User Experience

This opens an opportunity to capture mindshare for a meditation company which frames meditation as an immediately benefitial way of improving mental performance & well-being. To achieve this, our timer should be guided by the following design principles:

  • A contemporary, minimal interface
  • Natural gamification, while ever telling the meditator what to do
  • More appealing statistics & community features


SWOT Analyisis

Strengths: Mike has a proven intuition in product strategy
Mike has been doing product strategy for years and has a proven intuition for creating successful products. His current company, Clue, successfully deals with an analogous issue.

Weaknesses: Mike may not be representative of the target group
Mike, a designer, wants to use product himself. This means that his opinions may be personally biased.
Plus the company is a weekend project for Mike, he won't have a lot of time.

Opportunities: It's a growing market
Meditation as an excerise is a growing market and there is a unique opportunity, since so far no one has been able to grab the mind share for an approach which presents meditation as an immediate way of improving mental well-being and work performance.

Threats: We have to be the first to create a refined product
With several non-spiritual competitors, it might be hard to sufficiently differentiate our app. But none of the competitors are very mature, so we might be able to attract the leader segment by offering the first refined product. 
Still, someone else might be quicker and grab the mind share before us.


Initial Hypothesizes 

  • It is possible to design a meditation timer that helps people shorten gaps between periods of meditation.
    • It is easy to learn to meditate.
    • It is easy to meditate long enough to receive some benefit from it.
    • It is difficult to sustain a meditation practice.
    • After a meditation practice has stopped, it takes a long time to start back up again. Some people never start again.
    • People start/stop meditation frequently.
    • People are disappointed in themselves for not meditating regularly.
    • It is possible to shorten gaps
    • It is possible to create a meditation timer that helps shorten the gap between periods of meditation.
  • Meditations spiritual image prevents potential users from accessing its benefits
  • Offering a more refined product is enough to differentiate our app.
  • The kind of people who care about a refined app are also the kind who is unhappy about the spiritual image of meditation
  • Natural gamification helps sustain a meditation practice
  • It is possible to implement gamification in a non-distracting way.
  • We should focus gamification on sustaining the habit, not the act of meditating itself.
  • People are interested in improved, personalized statistics
  • Simplified community features will help people sustain their practice.
  • Current apps are distracting