Review of the Stakesholder Interview

Mike LaVigne

Mike LaVigne, a senior designer, after being dissatisfied with current products, is building a company for meditation supplies. He wants to help bring mediation mainstream by presenting it as a tool to train mental performance, and free meditation of its spiritual connotations. 

He predicts that mindfulness meditation, the exercise of focusing on your breathing, while letting go of distractions, will be become the dominant form of meditation in the western world within the next ten years. This technique trains an increased awareness of the present moment and improved concentration. The two lead to improved quality of life, decreased emotional reactivity and increased work performance.

The goal is to design a meditation timer app. Its pivotal role is to introduce the leader segment to his company and capture mindshare for a meditation company which presents meditation as an immediate way of improving mental performance & well-being.

Target Group: Business professionals and people who already do yoga

Mike targets business professionals who want to outperform their peers and people coming from yoga who've been previously deterred by meditations spiritual image.

Mike's aesthetic vision: Extreme minimalism

Mike sees the design of the timer as a natural extension to mindfulness meditation. Hence the aesthetic should not distract from the exercise. Non-emotional, neutral, minimize the amount of visible features at all times, very graphic, no clutter, black/white/grey colors. It should be extremely minimal, but also beautiful, like Japanese aesthetics.