Work-in-progress: User Interviews

First Draft: Key Points:

  • Meditation helps center the interviewees and is currently mostly seen/used as self-care. Similar to workouts or eating healthy.
  • Users struggle with keeping the habit and gaps are a problem for many, but not all.
  • Many find it helpful to have some sort of audio input during the mediation as a reminder to stay focused. (Headspace, Bells)
  • It is important for people to think about meditation throughout the day
  • Current reminders are meaningless and authoritative
  • Simple Statistics and Gamification helpful, but using these as means for motivation feels contracting to the idea that you meditate for yourself.

First Draft: Ideas:

  • Build the experience around positivity
    • Use only positive reinforcement and understandably reassure the user, even as life gets busy and they meditate less. (the idea of mindfulness is opposed to feeling bad about not meditating)
    • Adjust the goal depending on how long the mediator actually meditates to ease frustration?
    • Use statistics to help at least stick to the defacto habit? (Wanting to keep the graph up, or wanting to outperform the last week? 
  • Find ways to keep the user thinking about meditation? Build features to help not loose track, even as life gets busy?
  • -> Simple community features?