Juliette Pretot
Service Designer
English + German + French
Berlin & the world



I am able to:
identify and validate an opportunity, design, craft and test a solution for it.

  • Quantitative + qualitative design research
  • Market Research
  • UX Design, Prototyping & Testing
  • Entrepreneurship, Process Creation
  • JS/HTML/(S)CSS + Git + NPM
  • Learning: React, Webpack, the JAMstack
  • Some Python, Heroku, Processing



Co-Founder at Language Academy, August 2016 - now


  • Bootstrapped a profitable business
  • Identified & pursued opportunities in the space
  • Taught & transferred skills, analyzed collaboratively

Research & Analysis:

  • Qualitative research (eg user interviews, competitor/comparator reviews)
  • Quantitative research (A/B tests, surveys)


  • Designed + iterated a conversion focused website
    • achieved 10% visitor to subscriber conversion.
  • Built brand identities
  • Video & image creation


  • Squarespace, Js, React, Gatsby, Firebase
  • Set up powerful, yet affordable email marketing automation with Mautic.

Design Researcher at Clue, October 2015 - August 2016:

Research & Analysis:

  • Identified & satisfied research needs
    • Qualitative research (eg user interviews, competitor/comparator reviews)
    • Quantitative research (A/B tests, in-app surveys, beta users)
  • Market Research with the CPO
  • Stakeholder interviews with all founders


  • Worked on nearly all ongoing projects, across all stages of development
  • Designed, built & iterated interactive prototypes
  • Redesigned the support FAQ website to increased impressions (by +20%).


  • Created and implemented (company-wide) processes:
    • collecting user feedback
    • utilizing support & their database as a research tool
  • Documented the workflow of one of the company's major teams.
  • Worked in an agile set up


  • Javascript/HTML/CSS for in-app surveys and the support website.
  • Python + Heroku to iterate a chatbot prototype
  • Photoshop, Marvel, Localytics, MailChimp 
  • Microsoft Access

Download my Clue employment reference letter (PDF)


Design Research for a Meditation Timer App, April 2015 - October 2015

  • Investigated + evaluated opportunities
  • Qualitative research (eg user Interviews, competitor comparator review)
  • Opportunity definition

Copy Editing at Clue, June 2014

  • Edited the in-app language to make it empathetic, approachable and applicable to all users.



Attended tech workshops/groups, October 2013 - 2015

  • Furthered my experience in web development and UX design through
    • Rails Girls (Workshop + Group)
    • CSS + Js Workshops

Law School at Humboldt University Berlin, October 2013 - 2014

  • Learned about academic processes, theories & principles of law
  • Brainstormed ways to use tech for the teaching and practice of law
  • Decided I was more excited about tech

High School, 2002 - 2013

  • Completed a special curriculum for high-achieving students. 
  • Graduated two years younger than national average.

Selected Side Projects


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